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SweetSmith is India’s first dessert boutique concept where we produce 100% vegetarian therapeutic dessert. What does that mean? Well SweetSmith aims to provide a sense of contentment via exclusive confection, which complements our patron’s dietary restrictions.

Our in-house certified dietician will conceive and produce custom desserts, which are meant to be enjoyed by all. Our Smiths endeavor to make every festival, just a wee bit special with our specially crafted desserts.

Customization is our forte, with our one of a kind edible works of art, which delicately surprises our guests and leaves them in awe.

To achieve our ritzy approach to dessert making, our accomplished team makes use of premium ingredients to reserve the essential nutrients and make scrumptious and mouthwatering desserts.

About Us

“Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance” – Chef Edward Lee

Sweetsmith’s specially handcrafted desserts will make you heart skip a beat upon the first gaze of the enticing and inviting sweet stuffs. A mix of both warm and cold sweet treats like cupcakes, pastries, fudge, cakes and many more is an easy find at this boutique. Delectable desserts served in glasses, such as parfait glass desserts and martini glass desserts, is somewhat of an exceptional event. An exclusive shoutout goes to our team for making characteristic Indian Fusion Desserts...

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